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Sunday, 15 August 2010


With the summer hols half way through, I scummed and finally bought more sand for their sand table. That night went to bed and found a load of sand on my side of the bed. Its ok to have sand in bed if I was 19 and just been skinny dipping on a beach in south of France but not at nearly 38 when my bed is my sanctuary.

After two nights of scratchy sleeping and my imagination running wild thinking that some little animal (squirrel or pigeon) perhaps had deposited it in my bed I realised one of my 3 sons was the culprit. Now our bedroom is on the second floor and the sand table is out in the garden so how had sand transported up 2 floors was a mystery. Finally Son 1 whose nearly 6 admitted that he'd found sand in his pocket so had emptied it out into our bed. Mystery solved.

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