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Sunday, 29 August 2010


Living in London I come across celebrities quite a bit, always when I don't expect it. LOn Friday I was in Top Shop on Oxford Street and saw the women that's just left Coronation Street (can't remember her name) - tried not to stare. 

I'm not v.good with recognising famous sports people. I was at the gym swimming pool with hubbie and kids when I pointed out to hubbie another daddy who was very well-built / muscly black guy and asked why he couldn't look like that. Hubbie replied that if he was an international French rugby player then he probably would. Good point. 

Where I used to work along Ladbroke Grove (north end not the posh south end), I used to see loads of semi-famous celebrities (actors and comedians mostly). All I ever used to think (hope I didn't say it outloud) was why would you live around here its a sh*t hole. Now I know you're asking how I know they lived there, only ever saw them in the morning.

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Kerryonliving said...

Hi there. Just popped over from BMB to look at your blog - v good read! I once saw Lawrence Llewelyn Bowen outside Habitat in Manchester and he was actually very handsome. To this day I remain disturbed to find out at a relatively late stage of my life that I find foppish interior designers attractive. I did not know that before. x