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Monday, 4 October 2010

Mummy at work

Been back at work 2 weeks now and slowly getting back into the chaos that is a working mum. Getting ready whilst getting 3 boys ready for school, nursery school and nanny whilst putting make-up, outfit that matches and doing hair is challenging. I used to straighten my hair in my office when I got to work but the new office is all open plan, last week I was in the middle of straightening my hair before everyone got in the office and the Deputy Chief Exec came over to say hello, quickly had to slip my straightening irons into my draw. Whoops....
Also last week again didn't recognise an ex-rugby player. I was watching son 2 at football when one of the Dads was basically coaching his little boy in the middle of his football lesson. I mentioned it to my husband who normally takes the boys to football, he told me the reason he was so pushy was that he was Martin Offiah - who used to play international rugby league. How am I meant to know who all these old sports people are???  

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