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Friday, 22 October 2010


Worked late after putting kids to bed (Freedom of Information requests are the worst) so I was looking forward to sleep. Especially since the baby has been ill and waking up at 5am for the past week. Imagine my delight when son 1 came up to our room (well he sneaks up really quietly) at 4am, as he got confused at what the time was. Instead of putting him back to his bed I told him just to get into our bed (we NEVER have them sleeping in our bed) and my god I remember why they don't sleep in our bed.

I don't think son 1 understood my rules (my hubbie really knows the rules) of sleeping in my bed, you don't fidget, move, snore, breathe (if possible at least not loud breathing), turn over, talk in your sleep and definitely don't push me off my own pillow. Again, how do people have their kids sleep in their beds, why, oh why!! I didn't get any sleep between 4am and 5.15am and then baby woke up!

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