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Monday, 18 October 2010

Hurry, hurry, hurry

On saturday I finally had a night out for my friend's birthday. I was in such a rush getting kids ready for bed whilst ignoring the scowls from hubbie and trying to look half decent. On my way out I grabbed the blow up bed as I was staying over, finally get to my friends and get the bed out to blow up and realised I've bought the wallpaper stripper steamy thing. How did I mix them up? They both have photos on the box, just grabbed the first box out of the loft that was the right size. My friend doesn't even have wallpaper so she definitely didn't need a wallpaper stripper!!

I also thought we were going out for a quiet meal, nope it was a new bar / club trendy place in Shoreditch with no food. So I also got that wrong, my friend had told me the place we were going to but I hadn't checked what we were doing. Great night but my bag (well my friend's whose I borrowed) got nicked with my only watch and phone. I forgot that stuff gets nicked when you're in a club not a playground.

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