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Friday, 8 October 2010

Bl**dy escalators

Why oh why do I not listen to my inner voice? Today big incident with an escalator rather than using the lift.

Went off for quick shopping to Westfield for hubbie's bday present, he wanted sweatshirt from Hollister. Normally I would order off website but its £20 delivery which is daylight robber so off we went. Normally has queues of teenagers outside and is always too dark and hot for me to deal with.... So got his sweatshirt and son 2 had decided he wouldn't use the lifts so we were using escalators which is always difficult with pram and small child.

On the last escalator on the way to the carpark he stepped to close to the edge and his foot got caught in the moving parts, quickly got his foot out and he was screaming really loudly. The whole way home he was screaming so I was trying not to panic and figuring out how to get someone to look after the baby and pick up son 1 from school whilst keeping son 2 from stopping screaming if we went to A&E. I hate A&E, working in the NHS I know how much £££ parents waste taking their precious children to A&E instead of the doctors or just being sensible. Whilst all this thinking is going on, with the screaming he decides he won't let me have the windows open and I couldn't get the air conditioning working.

Get home in a real panic now as thinking if he's broken bones and I don't take him to A&E he might never walk!!! Fortunately next door neighbour sister was visiting and is a paramedic, she thought no broken bones. But weirdly for the first time in nearly 2 years he took himself to bed and went to sleep. What would you do? Would you take them to A&E?

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