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Monday, 27 September 2010

Back to Work

So after 51 weeks off work, I'm back. Started 24 hours after getting off my flight from LA, had severe jet lag and felt surprisingly ok about leaving behind the baby and sons 1 & 2.

It was weird using my brain again but firstly had a major wardrobe malfunction. I haven't worn workwear for nearly 2 years as I was in maternity clothes and then in mummy clothes for the last year, poor hubbie had to stop me beating my wardrobe in frustrations trying to find something that matched, went with my shoes (as I have been living in trainers or flip flops) and that was ironed (me and the iron don't get on).

I can't remember what I used to wear to work, to make matters worse we've moved offices to Victoria from Ladbroke Grove so everyone around is young and funky dressers (not in my office though NHS staff aren't known for their fashion sense). So after my meltdown I decided to get new work stuff but then at 2am awake with jet lag I added up what I could remember I'd put on my credit card - things like Gucci sunglasses as I felt flash at the airport after being upgraded to business class I suddenly thought I was rich.

Better go and do some ironing so I don't only have crease free stuff to wear to work.

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