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Monday, 12 July 2010

Poo incidents

We had another poo incident today. Potty training with 2 boys has brought some interesting incidents, we have had:

  • Son 2 on first day of toilet training, weeing in a stranger's habitat children's tent (the co-ordinator for the 2nd times mums group with an immaculate house).
  • Poo in our swimming pool on holiday a few weeks ago, I was swimming underwater when I noticed small brown balls sinking to the bottom (don't know why poo is called floaters). So I spent an hour diving down to the bottom of our pool to fish out tiny bits of my son's poo. The pool cleaner turned up in the middle so had to hide the evidence v.discreetly.
  • Son 2 insisting that he had to go for a poo in the middle of the park, so he went behind a bush (75% of his wees are done outside - why do boys like doing that?) and I had to pick up his poo out of a bush like a little dog.
  • Son 1 (who is nearly 6) forgets he needs a poo, leaves it to the last minute and can't hold his poo (he does think that walking with his legs clenched together to the toilet will stop him pooing himself).
  • Next door neighbour's boy always does a poo at our house (he's 4 and long ago was toilet trained) - maybe he's so comfortable at our house he likes leaving a present!

can't wait to toilet train son 3, the baby........

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