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Saturday, 24 July 2010


The kids and I went down to my mums yesterday to visit after her hip op (she had it a week before the summer hols started apparently the previously 3 months they'd been too busy with social events to fit in the operation!!!). Honestly, she told me that in May had a weekend away somewhere (I don't listen half the time), June was Royal Ascot and July was Henley. How could she possibly have her hip with no cartilidge fixed when they were so busy???

My eldest brother took son 1 and son 2 fishing in the local pond (not a fan but hubbie big fan of watching fishing on tv - I found him watching fish-a-mania the other day, too sad). So was surprised that the kids caught fish but didn't bring them back, apparently they put them back - what is the point! My brother's friend looked v.shocked when I asked where they were, I don't think he realised quite how ditzy I am.

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