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Tuesday, 6 July 2010

Back from hols and into hospital

Back from hols at the weekend and straight into having my knee fixed today ( I hope). This involved lots of complicated childcare arrangements and last minute favours (I love other parents - I would be lost without doing the school run).

Had to be at the hospital at 7am so found myself drying my hair with the car heater in the hospital car park (classy or innovative?). In the waiting room at there was lots of other older people (60+) waiting to have their knees fixed (apparently shouldn't have so much wear and tear at my age). They all had partners accompanying but I went on my own, not sure if I looked sad or empowered. Hubbie came and picked me up when I was feeling v.sick from the aesthetic, then puked as the physio came in. My hubbie was so sweet trying to keep my hair out of my sick (and it wasn't alcohol induced).

Now at home trying to sort out lastminute childcare as apparently can't walk son 1 to school or pick up the baby until end of the week. Don't think that will last but might change once the painkillers wear off.

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