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Wednesday, 27 July 2011

Mix up

I am fortunate that my mum and mother-in-law look after my boys alternate wednesdays so I can save some money on childcare. They have been doing this since son 1 was a baby which has been a life-saver. As they've taken over from me whose turn it is organising  to cater for their numerous holidays I sometimes get confused whose turn it is but normally figure it out. Apart from yesterday, I was frantically tidying up and cleaning the kitchen as I thought it was my mother-in-law turn and telling the kids that "granny was coming" (which means they get bought some plastic tat or magazines from the corner shop). Imagine my surprise when I called out that granny was here but it was actually nanny. My poor mum got greeted with me saying "oh its you, I wouldn't have bothered cleaning up" and son 1 wailing that he wanted granny instead. I'd forgotten that granny was on holiday for a week. I'm sure more mistakes kids left will happen over the summer holidays as I have eclectic arrangements for childcare with 2 sons here / there / everywhere, whilst the baby is somewhere else, left at friends, with Dad, with grandparents, at playschemes, nurseries etc - Phew!!!

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