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Tuesday, 19 July 2011

Did my mum really do that?

I went to my future sister-in-law’s hen do on Sunday which I had been stressing about all week. It was a 50s theme in homage to Becky and which I knew nothing about (apart from watching a few episodes of Mad Men). I spent most of my evenings watching ‘you tube’ clips on doing 50s hair styles (did you know you’re meant to curl hair around your fingers, pin with a clip and sleep on them to set the curls). On Sunday I set off with my 50s dress (new still with tags in as I was intending to take it back due to no funds in my bank account) and my attempt at 50s hair which was basically a frizzy mess. I was a little bit nervous as I hadn’t met any of Becky’s friends and imagined that as she’s a trendy hairdresser (Mayfair salon and very expensive) all her friends would be uber-cool and a decade younger than me. Then my mum mentioned she had been invited and would be coming along, which led to a conversation over what she should wear that would be 50s. I had to talk her out of wearing her ‘sun hat’ as that what she had interrupted as 50s style. Help!
So after a few hiccups with the boat at Camden Lock that had been hired for lunch and then cancelled we ended up at another bar that accommodated us. Fast forward a few hours later, lots of wine and shots (are shots appropriate in the afternoon was all I was thinking - I'm such a mum!!). All the girls were actually near my age with kids, all very chatty and loads of funny stories to tell about their lives. By this point I knew I was quite tipsy but had forgotten that my mum had also been drinking. When then progressed onto another part of the bar that had different themed rooms (well actually ex-stables). Then one we took over had a pole on a platform and all the girls had had a go pretending to pole dance. Now my mum is nearly 70, a bit Hyacinth Bucket and a dodgy hip so imagine my surprise when my mum climbed up onto this mini stage and did a bit of pole dancing. She then told one of the staff to ‘p**s off’ when he tried to remove all the cushions we were sitting on. I was shocked that she still had it in her!! 10 years ago I would be mortified with embarrassment but now I just found it funny.

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Frankie P said...

Your mum sounds fab... good on her...