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Thursday, 21 July 2011


Son 2's way of helping birds
Son 2 who is 4 and half years old always keeps me on my toes with his amazing imagination and sometimes eccentricity (can be a child be eccentric?). His latest invention was when he had been thinking about why the birds had not used his bird box he'd painted at christmas and left in the garden. He informed me that the birds needed a platform to get into the bird box, and so he wanted to stick the badmington racket to the bird box so they could land on it and get in.. I'm quite used to his strange demands so I get black tape and stuck the racket to the bird box. He'd also decided that as he'd found a drawing pin and decided it was imperative that he stuck his drawing to a tree outside our house. Son 1 obviously got jealous and when I came home from work he'd also drawn a picture and also stuck it onto the next tree. I wonder if people walking along the street think the pictures are some sort of code for spies!! Son 1 also made me and hubbie laught last night as he's had sex education last term and decided to inform his brothers of the correct name for their willies. He's also referred to his tenticles which made me wonder what on earth he was talking about, it then clicked he was talking about his testicles. Ah the things kids say.

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