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Thursday, 14 July 2011

Do girls rule the world?

Copyright Beyonce
As you may know I am a sort of feminist so I was interested to read a column in the Observer about Beyonce's new song "Run the World (Girls)". The only positive about not having a girl (3 boys instead) is that I don't have worry about the sexist opinions and the 'sexing' up of our young girls. I'd like to think I'm not a prude but if Beyonce is singing about girls ruling the world why does she have to do it, in her bra and knickers? I do worry about the future for girls, particularly as according to my beauty therapy friends most girls under 25 have no hair on their lady parts anymore (was going to put muff but I'm definately getting too old!). I question whether Beyonce is empowering women or setting standards and expectations that are unrealistic. If women are ruling the world are they doing it by being more creative and innovative than men or because they are wearing skimpy clothes. I thought the column was an interesting read as I just don't know the answers. I thought the slut walks were an interesting concept (I bet the policeman who started the walks with his slut comment doesn't) and I was intending to go on the London slut walk but as normal didn't get around to it. I try and do my bit by educating my boys that girls are equal see my feminist post.

On my ditzy side, for a long time I thought Beyonce's hair was real as she advertising hair products for European hair, my knowledge on weaves has been enlightening (thanks Melissa).  

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Frankie P said...

Hey, have to agree with you, if women are goign to rule the world then bras and knickers is not the attire to be worn. It is all a bit of a worried as the expectations that the media sets is way to high or us normal women. Slut walk was an interesting one, i understand why they did what they did but i am not sure if it was the right way to go about it...