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Sunday, 19 September 2010

Ditzy in LA

Well what can I say, sitting in the lobby of our hotel the Andaz in West Hollywood. Its uber trendy but they don't have a reception desk just staff hanging around with laptops in the lobby to check you in and all the other stuff. As they have no uniform its really difficult to know who works there or whose a guest. They serve free wine in the evenings and I thought a guy who was pouring the wine was one of the hotel staff so I asked him if he could open another bottle of wine, looking at me strangely he replied that he didn't know where they kept the bottle opener. Oh no, what a mistake.......... Well how could I know.
We went on a tour of the movie stars homes - no we didn't get to go inside. It was great if a little pricey but we

stopped off at hollywood boulevard and outside the chinese theatre we saw Mathew McConaughey the famous A list star with a hot body.  Yippee we saw a celebrity in LA!!

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