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Monday, 6 June 2011

My weekend round up

I had an interesting weekend with lots of different experiences. On saturday night my friend came to visit from Brighton so I took her to down to the river for a few drinks as the weather was gorgeous. We watched the sunset over Richmond Bridge and I realised I'm getting middle-aged as I was so fascinated by the ducks landing on the water plus as it was heaving in the pubs, we kept walking out of them all as we'd decided at our age we don't queue at bars!! But, the big shock of the night was getting the bus home about 10.30pm and some youngish blokes started a fight on the bus. The poor bus driver was calling the police but they didn't arrive until my friend called 999. I think I must be immune to violence in London as it only started scarring me when the guy who had stood up to these 3 abusive blokes was getting a good kicking. I was surprised at how many people did intervene and try to stop the fight, they probably had their 'beer armour' on! I was annoyed that this happened on Richmond High Street outside the train station and the police were so slow to arrive.

A massive contrast to a family visit to a Treacle Fair near Reading, as my brother has decided to become a morris dancer not the bells and hankies one but the ones who have sticks. I know - I don't get it either but apparently joined as it involved beer! The kids loved it and got to sit in a police car, fire engine and royal air force vehicle. The morris dancing was unusual and there's definately a type that joins. See their you tube clip


northernmum said...

Gosh I havent seen a fight on a bus for over a decade. bet it scared you.

but the treacle farm sounds good!

Ditzy Mummy said...

I was more worried about the bloke that intervened getting really hurt - my mummy side was coming out. The treacle fair was ok but the cost of enterainment was so expensive, £4 per child for 10 mins jump on a bouncy castle. Poor children had to do with sitting in a free police car instead!