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Thursday, 30 June 2011

Gorgeous Greece

You may have noticed that I've been a bit quiet recently as I have been on holiday. We took the 3 boys to gorgeous Greece with the fantastic holiday company  Neilson. We had such an amazing holiday I really didn't want to come home. As normal we were completely unorganised, not with the kids stuff but with our own stuff. I hadn't really realised that Neilsons provided loads of free sports (windsurfing, tennis, sailing, fitness classes, bike rides etc) so I hadn't packed much sporty clothes and left my jogging trousers by accident. So I had to wear same smelly t-shirts to do sports in. Hubbie and I did the tennis course (him the intermediate and me the beginner). It was an hour a day in the blazing heat but the coaches were brilliant and fairly amusing, even if my tennis was complete rubbish (hubbie was runner-up in both singles and doubles - flash git). One of the tennis coach who was young but v.confident and I happened to mention to hubbie that he was the type of bloke I would have gone for before meeting hubbie. I so wish I hadn't said that as the mickey taking didn't stop. Then after about 4 days I saw him without his sunglasses and he looked he didn't look as hot as I thought (beady eyes!). Then to my horror, I found out he was only 19 and realised that I'd been lusting a boy that could be my son. I'm such an old leech!!

We also met some lovely friendly people, really normal and nice from variety of backgrounds, ages and different parts of the UK, all interested in doing sports. I've never had such an active holiday, I went for a 7k jog at 8am, a 27k bike ride, and played lots of bad tennis. Felt v.virtuous but still managed to put on 3lbs as lots of lovely food as well. Kids loved it, son 1 learnt how to dive and they all loved the kids club (was on all day but only had them in the morning) and son 1 and son 2 were lucky boys as hubbie sorted out tennis lessons for them as well. At their age, it was a holiday on a long boat along the Thames (I hated the life jackets my safety conscious Dad made us wear). I have lots more ditzy stories to tell about the holiday so look out for more posts.  


Would Like To Be A Yummy Mummy said...

Sounds like a great holiday, lots of fresh air, sunshine & exercise and lusting after a young man too hee hee :-)

Ditzy Mummy said...

It was probably our best family holiday so far, and i'm going red thinking I was lusting after a 19 year old!!