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Friday, 10 June 2011

Being a working mum

Wow - what a working mother!
I have been having a few issues at work with workload and trying to fit everything into 3 days (I'm often doing work in evenings etc). I work set days due to childcare arrangements of nanny and grandparents. I have to sometimes go to meetings / deliver training etc on my non-working days and I have to arrange additional childcare. When I ask my boss if I can get paid to work an extra day he always remarks that the budget can't afford it (NHS Trust) and can't I just  swap my days around. I have explained about my childcare and that my nanny has other jobs on my non-working days but the message is not going in.

I'm sure I've explained my childcare arrangements but he doesn't seem to understand. I need to sometimes catch up with work and I believe its fair that I get paid to cover these extra days. Am I being a whinning working mummy? Or should I put up and shut up???

How do I explain in simple terms how childcare works?? Do I have to spell out, if you want me to work I have to pay someone?  Any tips or suggestions most welcome.  


Gemma said...

So your boss isn't paying you for the extra meetings/training on your non working days?

I'm so glad I left the NHS as it can be a right pain to working mums. You are entitled to family flexible hours though. I guess the simple answer would be to not do the extra work in your own time, your boss would soon see how much stuff you've been doing for free. Not sure if that is ideal in practice though!

Hope you find a solution that works for you.

Fro' Fashion Fairy said...

I agree with Gemma, if you 'work to rule' and not do any training / work in general other than on your allocated days he should soon realise how unfair his approach is!