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Tuesday, 16 August 2011


You may have noticed that there's not been many posts lately is because I've been busy training for a sprinte triathalon ( a mini triathalon). This has involved cycling a lot on the mean streets of London. This has been an eye-opener, I always thought it was cars that were the danger but its actually other cyclists. They are so competitive...Everyone overtakes me and I'm sure I'm not that slow, but it seems that cycling to work I'm actually in a pretend competition. I started blaming my bike, maybe if I get a road bike that might help as I have a mountain bike (when I'm going near a mountain I don't know) but apparently I'm just slow. Last week I cycled all the way to work through the beautiful parks of London but I got lost trying to get to St James's Park. In particular on the way back, I really got lost and wondered why through Piccadilly there were no other cyclists. Because they all know how to cycle back through parks! Whoops. I also found the cycle home exhausting, I nearly caught hold of a passing car to get a ride home. So I will keep you posted on how I do in 2 weeks in the sprinte triathalon (my goal is to finish).  


Tinuke B said...

Good on you for cycling to work and for taking part in the triathalon! Good luck!

Frankie P said...

I think you are quite brave cycling in london, no way i would get on a bike on those roads.. hope you wear a helmet?

Good luck with the training...