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Tuesday, 10 May 2011

Being 17 again

As I was going out with some old school friends I went back to the suburbs on Saturday night and stayed over at my parents. It felt like I was 17 again with no responsibilities, no money and no kids. I arrived at my parents house to be greeted with the TV too loud (they're both hard of hearing) and my mum trying to get me to eat even though I was going out for a meal. I managed to take borrow £30 for my night out as I have no money until payday (my husband hates me asking them for money but I'm cheap compared to my brothers and I don't ask v.often). My mum kindly gave me a lift to the pub and when we arrived at this lovely gastro pub there were lots of youngsters drinking out in the summers' sunshine, so my mum thought I needed dropping off around the corner to which my reply was "I'm not 17 anymore, I'm concerned with walking too far in my shoes rather than what someone else thinks about my mum dropping me off". Later on back at my parents, I was really pleased to see my cat Keisha who has been on a sabbatical since son 2 came along. But the cat then proceeded to be sick on the bedroom carpet, ah come on my words were "I have no kids with me I want a break from cleaning up horrible substances". So I called for my mum to clear it up, but as she can't hear me I had to become an adult again. The photo from Silent Sunday is where I grew up, where I spent Saturday night and where I become 17 again.


mum in meltdown said...

That's so doesn't matter what we do now the mummy in us always manages to come out!!! :)

ritz said...

That's so funny. I met up with my old school friends and spent a weekend in Cardiff where one of my friends now lives. It was so good to see that without all the responsibilities of family life...we're still the same girls we were at school. We were not quite 17 but 16 again!